Paper Oh!


Our Story

At Paper-Oh® we believe that paper will always be a fundamental part of everyday life, so we are constantly pushing ourselves to design a better product than what already exists. Everything we create is the result of our passion for the art of bookbinding and our desire to push the limits of what people expect from a notebook.

We laboured over these designs in order to give the books an aesthetically pleasing look that conveys just how functional they really are. Our creative team (with over 80 years of collective experience in design, publishing and bookbinding) took nearly 5 years to perfect our first season of Paper-Oh® notebooks. That’s because our designers are just that passionate, and crazy enough, about what they do.

These efforts may seem extreme, given that by their very nature notebooks are temporal objects, but Paper-Oh® notebooks have been designed to celebrate the fact that they will become altered over time. Just as our skills and designs continue to evolve, the true character of a Paper-Oh® notebook emerges as it becomes an individualised companion along your life’s journey.

Paper Oh! Paper Oh! Paper Oh! Paper Oh! Paper Oh!