Erin Smith Art


welcome to erin smith art ©. 

There’s only so long we can be expected to keep things to ourselves, you know?  Erin is an adamant believer that truth is far stranger than fiction, and has combined her love of words with her love of art in these ‘tell it how it really is’ collages of a slice of life.

We are thrilled to let you know that we have added cocktail napkins and notepads to our erin smith art family! Much like everything we do here, these are made in the USA and are fantabulous.

What else do we have? wall art and greeting cards and coasters and bar towels and tiaras and….oh hell. just go look.

 If you’d like in on Erin’s daily (hourly?) musings be sure to friend us on Facebook. (heads up here…she swears like a sailor with his foot on fire and if you have an issue with this..well, figure it out.

Wait! There’s more?? Erin wrote a book.’s art, it’s stories, it’s fantabulous.

Erin Smith Art Erin Smith Art Erin Smith Art Erin Smith Art Erin Smith Art