Growing up in a family where special occasions were marked with greeting cards (the best ones were from Grandma and Grandpa because they always had a dollar or two in them) and thank you notes were sent out weekly, it was foreseeable that hand held correspondences would evolve into a life-long passion for Shannon. 

In 2001, after years of making cards for friends and family, Shannon was encouraged by many-a-girlfriend to test the waters of the retail market. And Wow! Flaunt Handmade Correspondences became a hit in Vancouver and quickly spread nation-wide, throughout the U. S. of A. and more recently in Europe. Shannon’s intuitive use of colour, texture, and paper, has captured a niche in the greeting card industry in North America and internationally (what a great excuse to travel!).

Currently, Flaunt’s success is due mainly to the fabulous bunch of artistically talented women who recreate Shannon’s designs and bring each image to life.

Flaunt Flaunt Flaunt