TOPS Malibu


As a kid I loved putting on carnivals in the back yard and making summer art programs for the kids in the neighborhood. I am “right brain”, but grew up in a “left brain” household (scientist and accountant). While my dad was unwinding genetic code, I couldn’t wait to unwind the Japanese surprise ball he brought home from his travels. I loved watching the glint in his eye when he introduced us to a German metal pouring kit that told fortunes and the surprise of Russian nesting dolls. I remember the intrigue and excitement these gifts brought and the common ground they brought to my family.

This background sparked TOPS Malibu. We design products that surprise, enliven conversation and awaken creative interaction. We guarantee to make fond memories and ignite impromptu celebration.

I hope that these discoveries and inventions will be a platform to bring excitement and memories to your gatherings and keep the table talking.

Best wishes,
Judy – Founder & Designer

PS: Our products are handmade in our community by local artisans. — MADE BY Hand in USA

TOPS Malibu TOPS Malibu TOPS Malibu TOPS Malibu TOPS Malibu