Pals Socks


How do 2 friends from college with no business to be in business at all, start a company from scratch, manage manufacturing and cash flow, all while making fun and wacky stuff and not starving?

The year after graduation, we spent $600 and made quirky paper products to sell at markets/small boutiques as a fun yet time consuming side project we called Hooray Hoopla. We worked in the corporate advertising world (Ash in strategy and Hannah in design). More importantly, we both had a dream to be completely self employed by age 30 and live the dream (to design fun novelty products, manufacture and sell them to awesome people).

To bring Hooray Hoopla to the next level, our first Vs. item, Vs. Mittens, was born. It was a zany doodle in the Hannah’s sketchbook. Why not turn your hands into mortal enemies and entertain yourself on a busy subway or supermarket line, all while keeping your hands warm? There were lots of ideas in the sketchbook, but this one was the most affordable to make, as plastic molding was waaay out of our price range. Luckily, our entire first run was bought out by a large online retailer. We hit the ground running, made lots of cold calls, and packed every box ourselves late into the night in our apartment, which started to look like a warehouse. Hannah’s cats Sweet Potato and Herman had turned the boxes into their own personal castles, the king and queen of mittens. Time to get a storage space.

The next year, we successfully sold out of our second run. Everyone kept telling us to make mittens for kids! Parents were surprised we started out with adult mittens first, as they are so playful. So, we launched the kids mitten line the winter after.

Now, so we can be an all seasons company, we are introducing our first ever line of Vs. Socks for kids and adults, and baby Vs. Booties! We are really excited about them.

It has been a CRAZY ride. We have grown the company slowly and organically (with no large sum of seed money) from a fun side business, to a legit, fun business. Thanks to our customers, production team, (and of course significant others) we didn’t give up. We are super excited for the future of our company! We want to someday make flip flops, slippers, cat costumes, fishtanks…imagination is really the limit.

We work hard so that you can wear awesome fun Vs. Stuff everyday. We are our own customers and love what we do. Thanks so much for supporting us!!!!!!

Hannah Lavon & Ashley Connors

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